City Of Dust: A Philip Krome Story

City Of Dust: A Philip Krome Story
  • City Of Dust: A Philip Krome Story
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  • From the dark mind of legendary horror writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) comes a story set in the aftermath of our world's collapse.
  • Records show the Earth once known was consumed by religious wars, spurred by the suppression of free thought and where creative expression is now viewed as the rot and infestation of the mind. This chilling vision of the future unveils a world where the police now patrol for crimes of the imagination, or Mind Crimes as their called. This beliefs, along with any tales of false heroes, idols or gods, are illegal. Special detective Philip Khrome doesn't enforce Imagination, instead he works in homicide; thats where the action is, and he has seen it all before. But criminals evolve and the world is forever changing. When a killing spree hits his department, Khrome finds himself face-to-face with a perpetrator who has merged reality with superstition, something is not what it seems. This enemy of folklore will require old-fashioned detective techniques to bring to justice, but the only problem is it will take one's imagination to find the source of this new evil.

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144 pages

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