Cyber Clean Home & Office Cup 160g

Cyber Clean  Home & Office Cup 160g
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Cyber Clean Home & Office - Discover a new way of cleaning

Cyber Clean is a unique compound designed especially for cleaning and disinfecting places and surfaces not reached by conventional cleaning solutions. Cyber Clean's products protect you against harmful bacteria and promote a healthy living environment, be it at home, at the workplace or when travelling.


Reach those difficult spots

Harmful fungi and bacteria are commonly found between the keys of computer keyboards, mobile and fixed phones, digital cameras, printers and photocopiers. In the household too, we are in daily contact with harmful bacteria. Cyber Clean protects you and your family from these harmful germs. What is more, by using Cyber Clean, you can extend the useful lives of your appliances.

Safe with sensitive electrical components

Cyber Clean is a revolutionary cleaning compound! When it comes to cleaning action in cavities and where conventional cleaning products have physical limits, Cyber Clean goes beyond all of them and gets into all cavities because of its perfect combination of viscosity and elasticity. Cyber Clean’s patented formula absorbs dirt, dust and provides deep cleaning action in cavities and on the surface by killing germs!

Safe and easy sanitation on items harboring harmful bacteria

Cyber Clean is very simple to use and highly efficient! Just press it on the area you want to clean and pull it off again. All dirt particles will be trapped inside the compound. Thereby also disgusting microorganisms living inside the cracks and crevices of your device will be effectively eliminated.

Use again and again!

You can reuse Cyber Clean several times until it changes color.


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