Return and Refund

Refund Policy

1. Refund for K-NET payment will take 2-5 business days  

2. Refund for Credit Cards will take between 3-14 Business days after confirming the return of the paid order, or confirming that the item(s) on the order is not available.

    * If one or more items less than the total items in the order is not available, we will refund for the item by a Coupon Voucher to be used Online.

3. Refund for cash will be a Voucher Coupon to be used on the online Store after confirming that the return item is in its original condition, or Cash.

Return Policy

 1. Product(s) can be return within 15 days from the time order received.

2. Product(s) must be bought from, All products must be sealed or in its original condition.

3. Product(s) with warranty may take 1 to 7 Business days after receiving the product(s) to confirm problem(s) issues and take action.

4. For Returning a product, we will pickup from your delivery address and process then deliver back to you.

*** Products that can't be returned or refunded:

1. Scratched Pre-Paid Cards.

2. Opened Video Game.

3. Products without original box.

- Electronics will need 2 business days minimum for check up.

   *Consoles, Controllers, Headsets, Cables and other accessories..  



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