DXRacer Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset

Short description

The DXRACER DX68 competitive gaming headset features a head-mouCopynted design with a net weight of approximately 247g. The earphone adopts ABS+metal design, the head beam has good bending resistance, and the lightweight weight is also in line with the current market trend. Its silver+black design is low-key and very energetic, and it can get a good visual impression with LED light.

The head beam of DXRACER DX68 competitive game headset is made of stainless steel and has good elasticity. It can give the earphone a certain stretching space and can adapt to the user's different width head.

The left and right logos of the DXRACER DX68 competitive game headset are set on the shaft of the earphone. The shaft shell is made of ABS material. The angular lines design adds more visual attention to the earphone, and the logo is large enough. The font size also allows us to better identify the direction in which the headphones are worn.

  • Competitive game headset
  • Head-mounted design
  • The headset is made of stainless steel
  • The earphone unit can be rotated by 90° for user convenience

Data sheet

Gaming Headset
Sound System
7.1 digital surround sound
Connection Type
USB Cable

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