Keywin - Mouse Gamer X7 3200 Dpi + Mouse Pad

Short description

This Versatile and powerful Mouse Gamer Keywine X7 will become a tool indispensable in your experience as a GAMER with which you can have fun in a comfortable way, long game days with high performance and precision in your movements, functionality and easy access to the buttons. You will have an outstanding gaming experience, the design of this mouse is simply spectacular with LED lights that change color in the Wesdar logo

It is equipped with 7 buttons to optimize your gaming experience and up to 3,200 DPIs making it an accurate and fast mouse. Its weight of 150 Grs is ideal and balanced with a variable speed between 800, 1600, 2400 and 3,200 DPis. In addition its response time facilitates the interaction between the player and those games that demand much more precision when playing them. Includes a non-slip moUSe Gamer Pad with a striking design

The design of this mouse makes the hand movements more natural, its ergonomic design allows the player to withstand more hours of Gamer play. All the features of this mouse are designed with the sole objective of meeting the expectations of the most demanding players, so by choosing this mouse you are choosing one of the best options to immerse yourself in the fascinating Gamer world.


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Mouse & Pad
PC (Windows)

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