You can return the item(s) within 15 days:

+ Manufacturing defects. العيوب المصنعية

+ In Original Condition (Unopened or Sealed). يكون بحالته الاصلية

Electronic Devices (Defect or Issues) Contact:

للاجهزه الاكترونية (للمشاكل او عيوب مصنعية) يرجى التواصل:

* Phone الهاتف: 94936220

* Location: Hawally, Al Rihab Complex, Basement, Shop 625 (Warshatkom)

مجمع الرحاب ,السرداب ,محل 625 (ورشتكم)

* Headset, Controllers, Consoles.

السماعات , اليدات, الاجهزة


You can't return:

- Opened product box or unsealed.

  * Games after open.

  * Electronics in open box (Consoles, Controllers, Headset and/or any Accessory.)

- Cards Code After Sent.

- Chairs after assemble. 

 For any question, contact us on the contact page. 

We refund within 3 working days.