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Funko POP: Animation One Piece – Shanks Big Apple Exclusive

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Shanks also known as Shanks the Red is the captain of his own crew, the Red Crew. He is also one of the Four Emperors and the youngest of the four. Shanks is a former member of the legendary Roger’s Pirate Crew, the only Pirate to successfully conquer the Grand Line and find the famous One Piece treasure. It was Shanks who inspired Monkey D. Luffy to become a pirate. The Redhead has a bounty worthy of his emperor rank which is equal to 4.048.900.000 berrys.

From a personality standpoint, Shanks is a rather laid back man, which can be seen through his physical appearance. He is a pirate who likes to have a good time with his crew. He is a kind and caring captain who does not use his power, name or authority to gain respect or harm others. Shanks and his crew are often seen partying and drinking heavily. He has an adventurous mentality, always looking for more freedom. He doesn’t care what people think of him; instead, he prefers to laugh about it with his fellow adventurers. However, if there’s one thing he won’t tolerate or forgive, it’s when someone messes with his friends. Indeed, Shanks is ready to do anything to protect them, even if it means putting his life in danger, as when he loses his left arm while protecting Luffy from an attack of a huge sea monster, which also shows his generous nature.

Concerning his skills and physical abilities, we don’t know much about it because Shanks never really fought in the anime series. Nevertheless, he is one of the Four Emperors of the New World, which can testify to his great potential as a fighter. Shanks was not afraid of Whitebeard who was considered the most powerful man in the manga. He is not a demon fruit user, unlike the other emperors. Shanks the Red is also a match for Mihawk, considered the strongest swordsman in the world, with his green-handled sword “Griffin”. He is a respected and feared pirate, as evidenced by his involvement in the Great Battle of Marineford. Indeed, his presence alone brought the battle to an end. Allied to this, one of the Four Emperors is also capable of using the three types of Hawkins, the Haki of Kings which was complimented by Whitebeard, the Haki of Weaponry which he imbues in his sword to counter the overpowering blows of Whitebeard and Akainu as well as the Haki of perception.

In this POP figure, Funko shows one of the powerful pirates of the Four Emperors, Shanks the Redhead. The POP is faithful to the Shanks that we can see in the anime series, indeed one of the four emperors is dressed in a white shirt half-buttoned, a red ribbon as a belt, allowing him to attach his sword. Shanks also wears a navy blue cape on his shoulders, brown pants with patterns cut at the level of the knees, and brown sandals. In addition, Shanks has red hair, hence his nickname “The Redhead” and has 3 scars on his left eye that were caused by Blackbeard during one of their confrontations. On this figure, Shanks as in the manga gives off power, confidence, and nonchalance.