Official eSports Aviator Gaming Glasses

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Features & Compatibility

  • Official Numskull Product.
  • Designed and manufactured by Numskull.
  • Iconic Aviator style glasses design.
  • Play harder by reducing harmful UV and Blue Light (by up to 80%), giving you the competitive edge and reducing eye strain.
  • Lightweight frame for prolonged comfort during marathon gaming sessions.
  • Amber lenses provide sharper detail, increased contrast perception and shifts colour spectrum for visual efficiency.
  • Gain the competitive edge over other players!

Ever get tired eyes during an intense gaming marathon? If so, our eSports Aviator Gaming Glasses are the perfect solution for you. These glasses are engineered with gamers in mind; to reduce the effects of digital eyestrain caused by blue light and UV glare, allowing you to play for longer (and harder). The yellow lenses give you sharper and clearer vision, providing you with the competitive edge over your opponents.