PS5 Slim Main Engine Cooling Fan – White

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Features & Compatibility


This product is an intelligent multi-functional cooling fan for the PS5 new host design, with excellent cooling effect. It has three wind speed adjustment function and power-off memory function, use is very convenient, no need to buy additional power supply. In addition, its USB header can be connected to the PS5 new host back USB port, while the host output port with charging and data transfer functions. 1. Matching PS5 new host: Cooling fan USB head can be easily connected to the PS5 new host back USB port, so that you can easily enjoy the intelligent cooling experience. 2. Fan Switch: connect this product to PS5 new host in the right way (PS5 new host in the power normal work) , the fan will automatically enter the work state, (the working state of the fan is the working state of the memory before the last shutdown) ; press the fan switch to adjust the working state of the fan according to the“Low-middle-high-close” four-speed cycle. 3. Efficient cooling: three high-speed fans can speed up the air circulation in the host, effectively reduce the host temperature, to ensure the PS5 new host stable operation. Four. Fan Light: fan back blue light effect shows that the working state of the fan blue light often bright. With the adjustment of the fan wind speed gear, blue light brightness will also change, creating a unique atmosphere. 5. USB 3.0 output: through USB 3.0 output, you can easily connect to the new PS5 host USB 3.0 port, high-speed data transmission.