[PS4] World of Final Fantasy - R2

[PS4] World of Final Fantasy - PAL
  • [PS4] World of Final Fantasy - PAL
  • [PS4] World of Final Fantasy - PAL
Short description

  • A New Twist on Classic Battles: Master an all new battle system where players can utilize their captured monsters to create powerful towers of monsters to fight foes. Use the monsters' size, element, and order effectively to win the battle!
  • Customize, Evolve & Saddle Up: Strategize over endless customization options by turning monsters into ability-boosting magicite, leveling and evolving them to gain new specializations, or simply ride them to travel faster over the vast landscapes of this toy-like world.
  • A World of Vertical Possibility: Dive into vertically stacked dungeons and use creature abilities and magicite effects to get past obstacles and progress. In this world of stacking objects, the sky is truly the limit!

Data sheet

Game Type
Role-Playing (RPG)
Age Rating
Teen +12
R2 European PAL
PlayStation 4

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