DOBE - Thumbstick Grip Caps

Short description

Easy installation with no modifications needed
High quality professional style textured surface
The silicone cap enhance thumb stick control and protect your joy-con controller from wear and tear
Improve your gameplay and protect your analogue thumb sticks from wear and tear with these silicone thumb cap for Nintendo Switch
2 different kinds of thumb grips for Nintendo Switch, it not only protect your original joystick cap, but also can provide more accurate control feelings.
Medium height cover x 2:
Concave Design.
Increasing accuracy to meet the requestments of control accuracy from gamers when they play some games like Zelta, Mariokart and etc. However, please note that it may cause difficulty to press "- Button" and "B Button" for the reason of personal habits and finger size.
High height cover x 2
To fulfill the gamers' requestments of shooting games and some hardcore games, such as Splatoon 2, Payday 2, Monster Hunter XX. Gamers often focus on joystick control instead of using "- button" and "B button" in these games.
Material:Soft Silicone
Suitable for:Nintendo Switch
Package Included: 4x Grip Joystick Cap


Data sheet

Nintendo Switch
4 Thumbstick 2 low 2 high

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