[NS] Blacksad: Under The Skin Limited Edition - R1

Short description

  • Under the Skin Limited Edition will include: 4 Art Prints (16.7cm H x 10.3cm W), 3D Lenticular artwork, and a Limited Edition Sleeve
  • An official and all-new story for BLACKSAD, set in the comic book series’ unique world, perfectly recreated for gamers.
  • An investigative narrative game with gameplay combining investigations, puzzles, quick time events (QTE) and multiple-choice dialog
  • An immersive world with a jazz soundtrack to rival the very best of Hollywood’s film noir
  • Fans of adventure games will love its gameplay and narration while fans of the comic book series will be thrilled to rediscover the characters and graphic style of this unique world.

An official and all-new story for BLACKSAD!

Blacksad Fight

The gritty underworld of Blacksad comes alive as private detective John Blacksad investigates the corrupt underworld of boxing in the official video game adaptation of the Blacksad comic book series.

Blacksad Characters

Meet Over 30 Unique Characters

Interact with fan favorite characters from the graphic novel while meeting new and exciting personalities, each with their own story to follow along with.

Blacksad World

Explore 1950's New York City

Take a trip to New York City and explore its bustling underground empowered by a jazzy soundtrack that immerses you into a fascinating neo-noir adventure.

Blacksad Story

Paw Your Way Through A Mysterious Story

Let your feline instinct guide you through a twisting narrative as you seek the truth behind a gruesome murder and a strange disappearance.


Data sheet

Game Type
Action Adventure
Age Rating
Mature +18
R1 US Region NTSC
Limited Edition
Nintendo Switch

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