Mazinkaiser Revoltech Action Figure

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Features & Compatibility

Mazinkaiser Revoltech Action Figure:

  • It’s old-school mecha/anime time!
  • Witness the awesome power of Mazinkaiser.
  • Pose him virtually any way you like!
  • Company Kaiyodo
  • Theme: Anime/Manga
  • Product type: Action Figure

From the popular 7-episode OVA series, comes this intimidating, highly articulated Mazinkaiser Revoltech Action Figure. This eye-catching Mazinkaiser stands 5 1/2-inches tall, has multiple points of articulation, and comes equipped with plenty of accessories: 2 Kaiser blades, a Kaiser sword, a Kaiser scrander, and interchangeable hands. With the amazing Revoltech joint system, you can pose Mazinkaiser virtually any way you like. Witness his awesome power by taking him home today!

Mazinkaiser is based on Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z. Mazinkaiser was created by Professor Juzou Kabuto and is piloted by his grandson, Kouji. Mazinkaiser contains power so great that it surpasses the might of God and the Devil!