Noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair – White Edition

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Features & Compatibility

the Noblechairs Epic White Edition gaming chair against a white background.
The dimensions of an EPIC rocking gamer chair or office chair.
A close-up of the EPIC chair showing its flexible 4D armrests and 60-millimeter casters.

A close-up of the premium professional leather or faux-leather finish and detailed stitching.

A close-up of the flexible armrests that offer adjustable support and comfort across 4 dimensions.

A close-up of the ergonomic chair’s backrest with deformation-resistant high-density cold foam.

A close-up of the gaming PC chair’s steel frame and cold-foam upholstery that distributes weight.

Detailed Stitching Patterns

We wanted your chair to look as good as it feels, so we covered it in either real leather or PU faux leather for a premium professional finish that’s also soft and supportive. The detailed stitching pattern elevates this chair to the level you deserve.

4D Armrests

Our flexible armrests are adjustable across 4 dimensions to offer support and comfort during your entire gaming session.

Ergonomically Shaped Backrest

The distinct shape and the deformation-resistant high-density cold foam keep the user from sinking into the chair, creating an ergonomic experience that lasts as long as your gaming session.

Premium Materials

From the inside out, a robust steel frame upholds breathable cold-foam upholstery that will maintain its shape and redistribute weight for the ultimate level of comfort and support.