PS5 Console General Cooling Charge Fan Base

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Features & Compatibility


1. Multi-functional design: Integrates PS5 host heat dissipation, controller charging and VR controller charging functions to meet a variety of needs.
2. Dual independent power boost: built-in micro processing chip and power boost technology to ensure efficient and stable charging experience.
3. Smart indicator: Set different indicators for each charging position to visually display the charging status
4. Dual fan heat dissipation: dual fan heat dissipation design, three-speed manual adjustment of wind speed, effectively cooling the host.
5. USB expansion interface: provides USB2.0 data output and charging interface, convenient peripheral connection.
6. Touch control: wind speed and light control by touching the button, simple operation.
7. Power off memory function: wind speed and light status memory, keep the last setting.
8. Exquisite appearance: novel shape, adapt to various game environments.
9. High-speed charging: Optimized for PS5 controller and VR controller current, fast charging.
10. Active cooling: dual fan cooling, optimize game performance.
11. Light control: Support light off, avoid affecting the environment at night, adapt to different environments.
12. USB power supply: Connect to the host using USB to obtain power
13. Safety protection: accurate overcurrent protection to ensure safe use.
14. Widely applicable: Compatible with PS5 optical drive/digital version host/new PS5 host
15. Complete accessories: Equipped with magnetic head and data cable, the operation is more convenient. The expansion bracket can be compatible with the new PS5 optical drive/digital host