Bundle Offer: Official Go Nagai Super Robot T-Shirt + HL PRO Mug

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Features & Compatibility

GOLDORAK T-Shirt UFO Robot Grendizer High Dream V3

Thanks to this T-Shirt, wear the colors of the greatest robot of all time: 

Grendizer  ( Alias ​​UFO Robot Grendizer )! 

The T-shirt on a black background represents Goldorak full foot, in combat position. 

His helmet appears in the background and his name ”  UFO Robot Grendizer  ” is inscribed on the bottom of the T-shirt . ”  Grendizer  ” is also written in katakana on the side of the T-shirt .

Fabricant : High Dream (HL PRO PRODUCT)

Material(s): 100% Cotton

Sizes Available: Medium. Large, Extra Large


* Brand: HL PRO
* Material: Ceramic
*Type: Coffee Mugs * Color: Multi-Color * Capacity: 11 oz

This colorful Mug features artwork inspired by the classic anime TV series UFO ROBO GRENDIZER